File Transfer

How to import file into iSafe?
a) via iTunes 10
  1. Open iTunes 10
  2. Connect iPhone by using USB
  3. Select Apps tab and scroll to File Sharing as below:
  4. Drag the files into the iSafe Documents area, or click "Add..." button to select files.
  5. After your files are synced into iPhone, open iSafe app. iSafe will move the files to the corresponding category. The images may be resized, so as to save capacity and improve the smoothness when using the app.
b) via Email
  1. Download the attachment
  2. Click Open in "iSafe"
  3. Open iSafe, the files will be imported to the iTunes directory of the corresponding category.
c) from other apps
  1. Click "Open in ..."
  2. Select iSafe
P.S. Only available when the app was implemented the export feature.
d) via Bluetooth
You can receive files from other iPhone and iPod.